Thursday, August 16, 2012

family vacation

a few weeks ago the hubs and I were blessed to take a vacation to northern california with the family.  the vacation was fabulous!  to take time away, get to some cooler weather (wow, has idaho been hot this summer), and spend time with people we love was even more than we had hoped for.  |disclaimer: be prepared for A LOT of photos|

we started off the vacation in fort bragg... such a cute coastal town.  I LOVE,  LOVE the coast so this was it for me!  great company, great food, and fun adventures!
a stop a anderson valley brewery on our way to mendecino/fort bragg
the botanical garden | I love succulents!
sea kayaking, so great
birthday afternoon snacks and cribbage.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!

we then spent a day in sonoma traveling from mendecino to walnut creek for our next stop.

then a day in the beautiful city by the bay.  have I ever mentioned that san francisco is my favorite city?  we visited the california academy of sciences museum, the japanese tea garden, a little shopping and some street vendors, the ferry building and market, and ate dinner at scoma's



and a final day in napa coming home with just scott.  spending time with him fully relaxed is pretty great.  he makes me smile.
cute, quaint, new fave

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