about me

Hi, I'm CortneyI'm a child of the risen King, a sister, a friend, and a happy wife with an amazing husband and two dogs.  I love all things sewing, baking, cooking, and creating.

This blog is a space where I can outlet some of my creativity
and also just share some parts of my life that I think are fun.

I live to eat.. I'm a true foodie at heart.
Fall is my favorite season.
I love the sound of a crackling fireplace.
My favorite foods are strawberries, steak, peanut butter, and shortcake... in no particular order.
I spend my days filled with kids : I am an elementary school counselor.
I taught myself to sew and still measure twice and cut three times more often than not.
I love all things handmade.
I met my best friends and the man of my dreams while living at the beach.
I crave pizza multiple times a week.
I love tons of pillows on my bed.
I love wearing tights.
Boots are my favorite style of shoe.
Buttons are an obsession of mine.
I love riding my bike during the day and roasting s'mores at night.
Owls have a special place in my heart.
I could spend all my pennies on fabric.
If I could I would have personalized stationary, but would never get around to writing on it.
I love my husband.
Above all else, I strive to show others Jesus' love  
and focus on serving Him each and every day.