Thursday, July 14, 2011

le pouf

the past few months I have found a new household item that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  I have seen the pouf trend for quite some time now, but most have been too "middle eastern" looking for a lack of any other term-- you know what I mean-- I picture them in jasmine and aladdin's palace.  but, I have started seeing them on design shows I watch regularly and finally fell in love when my design crush, genevieve gorder, was doing a eco friendly room and used a knit pouf-- it was perfect cozy and functional, my fave.

the pouf is the perfect room accessory--it is an ottoman, floor pillow, and aesthetically pleasing comfy-ness all rolled into one knitted beauty!  I had seen them on etsy, but didn't know how to pull the trigger.  Then one weekend afternoon the hubs and I rode our bikes downtown to a favorite local indie artists' shop, indie made, planning to drool over the hand made goodness.  once inside I found an artist's merchandise that I ALWAYS love, pepperberry knits little did I know that she'd begun making poufs herself!

one of pepperberry knits 'le poufs' has made its way into my home and is nestled into a corner where I can see it each day and love the coziness that it is!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

meet bruno

a few weeks ago... in a moment of great joy for me... we got a puppy!  I have been wanting one for months and months, but the hubs hasn't been into it.  don't ask me how it happened because I'm not quite sure... but it did!

so here he is, our boston terrior, bruno!

he's much more active than sophie and I didn't fully realize how much work puppies are.  but we're workin' it out... and he's helping me have something to do throughout the summer.  I just love the little guy!