Saturday, April 30, 2011

updating outdoor furniture

about a month ago, I had the opportunity to get some outdoor furniture at a killer price... free!  when the price tag shows $0 I cannot complain.  I loved the shape of the furniture and it's the perfect size.  the only problem was that the set was missing two chairs... I needed two more to have a set.  so the hubs and I hit up all of the places we could think to find two more chairs, and of course, to no surprise to us at all, found chairs that were aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable at cost plus.  

we could have kept them as they were, but that wouldn't really be like me.  so I set off to the hardware store to find some yellow or orange paint to liven up the furniture.  of course, there was nothing wrong with the set before I painted it, it was in perfect condition, but I just had to add some color (our house is gray, so how boring would the gray furniture be?)

before paint

the start of the orange paint... waaaaay too much... too close to red (bleh)... a change must be made!

chartreuse!  the perfect solution!

I love the way it turned out.  the bright green is perfect, an organic color yet bright and lively!  also, the scroll detail sticks out more and they look more "whimsical" or "vintage-esque" I think.  I did leave the chairs we bought their original color... why?  why not?

and I couldn't leave out my favorite back yard detail... an iron tree with colored glass tea light holders.  I just can't wait to plant up my pots, barbeque some great food, and hang out on the patio all evening.