Friday, July 20, 2012

Faves on Friday

wow, this has been a busy week.  I have loved it.  here it is in photos from my phone...

I babysat this little ball of cuteness at the end of last week.  she's a blast!  I made her this little romper so I needed to have her try it on.  after talking to her mom last night we will have to add some straps-- I thought that might be the case ;)

the hubs and I spent the weekend in mccall with my mom and grandma.  it was beautiful!  we relaxed, laid on the beach-- how I love payette lake--, went to sushi, and enjoyed life in the mountains.  

I made ice cream from my molly moon's homemade ice cream book to celebrate my mom's birthday.  it had such promise.  I just made the caramel in the salted caramel recipe too dark (aka burned it) not so fab.

so the next night the hubs and I visited a trusted ice cream stop... fanci freez... to make up for it.

this little gem came in the mail.  

sewing camp is rolling!  we are working on our final project (the bag--upper left photo), only one week left and the girls are doing awesome!

my view from a morning jog -- taking in the beauty and blessings that surround me

and friday started out right with fresh zucchini bread and coffee on the patio.  

and now I'm off to meet up with a long time girlfriend I haven't seen in years.  I am excited to spend some time with her catching up!  have a great weekend!!

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