Friday, August 17, 2012

faves on friday

this is my first official day of work at my new school.  wow, I am feeling beyond blessed to be starting at my new school and to be close to home.  I am at peace with this transition even though there are times that I am a bit nervous.  I am trusting and I know that God has put me in this place for His own reasons... and I am excited to see that unfold!

a dinner made from all local ingredients... including fresh made pesto and these crazy purple and orange carrots from our create common good farmshare!

and a few days spent in my office.
organization makes me happy

so do goodies from my supervisor

and a little glimpse into my office

an afternoon with the cousins at the water park.

and an evening with friends at our gospel community and west side drive in with no photos to document it.  summer has been hot and that calls for icecream.

a last minute stop in at the teacher store

I hate cleaning... especially the floors... but it needed to be done before work begins

and this is where my long haired little pup sleeps while I take a bath

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