Friday, October 21, 2011

faves on friday

 in deciding where I wanted to go with this little blog and what I want to post I decided I want to be sure that a few regular posts begin each week.  one of these posts is little things in my week that make me happy.  life has had some hard moments in the past few months and my mind has been on some heavy topics.  I never want to forget that through everything joy can be found.  my joy and peace is found in One who is greater than me or my life's circumstances... because of that I am thankful.  I am filled with joy and can rest in how great the little things can be.

here are some moments that make me smile from the lens of my camera phone

a pumpkin pie shake from my favorite, fanci freez, is a great fall treat

sewing a twirly skirt for a 5 year old on her birthday week... with an adorable zipper flower

I made a "no knit" scarf

new riding boots from anthro that are a perfect taupe-y gray and were hugely on sale!

kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch.  have I ever told you I LOVE my job??

when requesting a pennant from my alma mater I was pleasantly surprised with an entire 
goody package... it was amazing, to say the least!

and my week has ended on the couch, sick.  sipping tea, cuddling puppies, and surrounded by tissues.

that was my week, how has yours been??  I am focusing on remembering the blessings in my life this week.  what about you, what is your focus this week?

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